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Henrie"A CRC title."Includes bibliographical references and index Print version record Front Cover; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; Introduction: Why green chemistry?

Gen Chem Lab Course Guide and Example Lab Report General.

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; Laboratory safety, equipment, and procedures; About the author; chapter 1: Determining the percent of water in epsom salt; chapter 2: Determination of the formula of a copper supplement; chapter 3: Determination of mass and mole relationships in a chemical reaction; chapter 4: Finding ethanol's molar mass using vapor density; chapter 5: Determining molar volume of a gas at standard temperature and pressure; chapter 6: Determining the enthalpy change for solvation reactions Chapter 7: Spectroscopic determination of food dye in popsicleschapter 8: Separation of food dyes by paper chromatography; chapter 9: What is the best solution to lower a freezing point?

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