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It does have branding and such, and s itself "Hypertab", but it is no different from the other generic tablets with the same specs. Nobody seems to know why but Allwinner is a bit hard-a'd about releasing the code so people can develop from it. As you can see (picture 1), the second Internal Storage capacity is 3.50GB but the availabe space is weird (unknown number) I've done the memory swapping (with 16GB) method by editing the vold.fstab file and the result (picture 2).

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Orinally Posted by shifattk You could try, but I doubt that will work since it will install the drivers for SII I've also found this which could help: I remember installing the drivers for mine using some 'universal' tool but I can't remember which one and/or how I did it. Thus it is difficult to create a custom recovery using CWM or TWRP.

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General Simple Hosting service conditions -

You are responsible for any side effects and damage caused to your device, your property, anyone nearby, or yourself, which includes, but not limited to: software and/or hardware destruction of the device, robbery, riots, injury, death, acts of god, epidemics/pandemics, natural disasters, government shutdowns, mutations, getting a certain limb of your body stuck in a ceiling fan, etc. Now that you have rooted the tablet, let's mess around with the system so it works as you want it to work! 0/1 The rest of the lines are quite common among all the devices I've seen so far, and frankly, googling "build prop battery saving tweaks" will do fine for them. Just add them on to the thread, and I'll post them here with your name FAQ Is there a custom recovery for this tablet? I am in no way, shape or form, responsible for the outcome, positive or negative, of you following the provided instructions on this thread. Could you help me how to get maximum memory (16GB) after swap...

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Overclocking/Underclocking Just use No-frills CPU Control ( CPU&=en) The tablet by default spins at 1.2 Ghz. On mine, I also have the option of going to 2.0 GHz, but I've never tried it yet. I found some lines in the file that are interesting, and it seems editing some of them are quite helpful, especially with the battery life and performance. In order to edit the file, I used JRummy's Build Prop Editor ( It worked for me, but that does not mean it will 100% work for you. I get about 10 minutes starting at 100% I ordered a battery from e Bay to replace it: Touchscreen - MOSTLY ok. Hi, I need a stock firmware image to flash and unbrick a Tablet PC Allwinner A23 model GA10H.

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