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An automatic transmission relies heavily on ATF (automatic transmission fluid) for all of its major functions, and while you mht say ATF is extremely useful for your transmission (which would be a huge understatement), that’s only if it’s in good condition and the rht type.

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Lubrication, fluid pressure, and cooling are its primary functions though, since an automatic transmission relies on lubrication to keep parts moving smooty, fluid pressure to activate transmission bands and clutch plates in order to change gears, and cooling capacity to prevent the transmission from overheating, which causes the majority of transmission failures.

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The answer mht be a little obvious, but it should be the ATF your car manufacturer recommends (you can find this info in your vehicle’s owners manual).

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So with that being said, we’ll walk you through what you need to know about ATF. This includes responsibilities such as lubrication, fluid pressure, cooling, oxidation preventative, gasket conditioner, anti-rust measure, and more.

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