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This section of the FAM provides administrative and operational policy guidelines for using Marine Corps personnel assned to the Foren Service. The specific guidelines for operating the Marine Security Guard Program are based on the Memorandum of Agreement of January 9, 2001, between the Department of State and the U. 4 FAM 812 GENERAL POLICY 4 FAM 812.1 Applicability (CT: FIN-429; ) The regulations and procedures in the subchapter are applicable only for payments to Marine Corps personnel assned to Department of State Foren Service posts as Marine security guards, regional Marine officers, and detachment commanders in charge of security guards.

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5983, at the request of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Navy may assn enlisted members of the naval service to serve as custodians under the supervision of the principal officer at any embassy, legation, or consulate. All payments are subject to the same Department of State provisions in the FAM, the FAH, the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR), as well as any specific instructions of the Department.

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The Department of State assumes disbursing responsibility for payments to Marine personnel.

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4 FAM 800 MISCELLANEOUS FINANCIAL ISSUES 4 FAM 810 MARINE SECURITY GUARD PAYMENT POLICY (CT: FIN-429; ) (Office of Orin: CGFS/FPRA/FP) 4 FAM 811 SCOPE AND AUTHORITY (CT: FIN-429; ) a. (See 4 FAM Exhibit 810.) 4 FAM 812.2 Disbursing Responsibility 4 FAM 812.2-1 Department of State (CT: FIN-367; ) a.

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