Blitz boost controller install manual

Blitz dsbc electronic boost controller installation

(I just cutted the second hose that came with Blitz in smaller pieces) Below you see the hose that comes from the rht intercooler-pipe connected to the (small) hose that comes from the left intercooler-pipe with a T-piece.

Instruction manual

So before you start off, go buy at least 2 T-pieces, 1.5m/5ft rubber-hose and a few clamps (hose needs to be the similar to the 2 hoses that come with the Blitz) Assuming you have the extra parts, remove the thick rubber intercooler-hoses so you can access the wastegate-hoses. (yellow arrow points to where it used to be connected) Now connect one of the hoses that came with the Blitz to the connection where the rht wastegate-hose used to be connected (top yellow arrow) Use one of the connection-pieces that came with the Blitz to connect the new hose to the end of the rht wastegate-hose and use clamps to thten it.

Instruction <strong>manual</strong>

Blitz Dual Solenoid Boost Controller Installation and Operation

You can run both the small plastic boost-sensor hose and the wire from the actuator through the usual place in the firewall.(in the passenger fender-well) I used a hole in the firewall that was made there for my aftermarket alarm.

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As usual, also this boostcontroller comes with hoses and pieces for a car with a single turbo...

Blitz boost controller install manual:

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