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(That's the flash 32GB memory model - there's also one with a Hard Drive.) Quick tests show the WD TV Live (firmware 1.02.21) played the files back fine - no apparent stuttering, appeared very smooth, etc. It seemed a bit better played back from an HD (vs a class 6 SDcard) but still not as smooth as the WDTV Live IMHO.

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Western Dital WDTV Live Beta v1.03.22 Firmware Update (6/11/2010) - Eddie sent a note that earlier this week Western Dital posted a WDTV Live Beta v1.03.22 firmware update with some long-requested features like DVD menu support and fixes.

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This page has reader replies to a request for Mac/OS X user feedback from WD TV Live owners in Jan 11th, 2010 news page. (And one report on the WD TV (pre-Live) Model.) (later info first) If you have used a WD TV Live, O! Play Air (or other media player for that matter), let me know what you think of it/how you're using it and if you have any buyer's remorse. (Another) ASUS OPlay/Oplay Air Firmware Update: (May 10, 2011) As I'm posting this (5/10/2011 - same date as firmware files) Asus has not updated the product pages (download page) to include release notes.

Asus O Play Gallery Manual Pdf -

(Although many Live owners are upset over their new "Plus" model that also has Netflix (US) support which is not added in the Live firmware.) See the linked page for info on applying the update and how to How to Roll Back to v1.02.21 firmware.

Asus o play gallery manual pdf:

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