Radio controlled skyscan clock manual

Science Museum Radio Controlled Projection Clock Manual.

SCOPE OF SUPPLY: Weather station (basic unit) Outdoor transmitter Instruction manual FIELD OF OPERATION AND ALL OF THE BENEFITS OF YOUR NEW WEATHER STATION AT A GLANCEFEATURES: DCF-77 Radio controlled time function with manual time setting options DCF time reception ON/OFF 24 hour display Alarm function with snooze Time zone /- 12 hours Temperature display in degree Celsius ( C) 21 Indoor and outdor temperature with MIN/MAX records Manual reset of MIN/MAX records 3 weather forecast icons with weather tendency indicator Wireless transmission at 868 MHz Snal reception interval at 4 seconds Low battery indicators Wall mounting or table standing (foldout stand) FOR YOUR SAFETY: The product is exclusively intended for the field of application described above.

WS6810 Radio Controlled Alarm Clock with In/Out

This information will help you to familiarise yourself with your new device, learn all of its functions and parts, find out important details about its first use and how to operate it, and get advice in the event of faults.

<u>Skyscan</u> Atomic <u>Clock</u> eBay

Oregon Scientific UK Radio Controlled Alarm Clock - Black

No IT Thank you for choosing this wireless weather station from TFA.

Ambient Weather RC-1200BS 12" Atomic

Following the instruction manual for use will prevent damage to the device and loss of your statutory rhts arising from defects due to incorrect use.

Radio controlled skyscan clock manual:

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