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Under zone procedures, the usual formal CBP entry procedures and payments of duties are not required on the foren merchandise unless and until it enters CBP territory for domestic consumption, at which point the importer generally has the choice of paying duties at the rate of either the orinal foren materials or the finished product.

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Foren-trade zone sites are subject to the laws and regulations of the United States as well as those of the states and communities in which they are located.

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Foren-Trade Zones (FTZ) are secure areas under U. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) supervision that are generally considered outside CBP territory upon activation. The Foren-Trade Zones Act is administered through two sets of regulations, the FTZ Regulations (15 CFR Part 400) and CBP Regulations (19 CFR Part 146).

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Located in or near CBP ports of entry, they are the United States' version of what are known internationally as free-trade zones. Foren and domestic merchandise may be moved into zones for operations, not otherwise prohibited by law, including storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacturing, and processing.

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