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04/09/01: Style Manuals Several newsletter subscribers have written to ask us why we frequently refer to the Chicago Manual of Style rather than to other well-known style manuals.

Manual on Usage & Style Texas Law Review

Many people who practice law, for example, use the Texas Law Review Manual of Style and Usage, and Harvard's The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation is the bible of the legal professional with regard to form and style for legal citations.

The <b>Manual</b> on <b>Usage</b> and Style <b>Texas</b> <b>Law</b>

The Manual on Usage and Style Texas Law

The answer is simply that Chicago is the most authoritative and the most widely used style manual in the American publishing industry.

Manual on Usage & Style, 8th Edition Texas Law

Check here first if you can't find a source, don't know where to go, or need help with the Bluebook.

Texas law review manual on usage:

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