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This way, you can influence the direction the software takes next in cooperation with others in the community. All Steady Mouse 2 (and later) licenses come with access to minor version updates and bug fixes. At the time of writing this, is the latest available version.

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In other words, it's expected that a user with several devices, such as a desktop computer in their study and a laptop in the living room, will install Steady Mouse on each of them.

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The problems it solves, and ones they wish it would solve, criticism, feedback, etc. Please feel welcome to create a new post or join an existing one. My hope is we'll be able to make a small community and the voting there can be useful in telling me how important a topic is to everyone. D" where A is the *major* version number and B, C, and D are *minor* version numbers.

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At times it is nice to connect with other users and share ideas, bugs, annoyances, likes, dislikes, etc.

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