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Obviously I need the manual hubs, but I was getting those anyways since *I* like to be the guy who decides when it's in 4wd & when it *isn't*. From the odd comment here & there I assume there was in fact a manual shift option, eh ? I haven't dropped mine yet so I really haven't gotten a *good* look at it. The only real issue I can see with doing that would be the need to fab some sort of heavy brace for it.

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I'm getting ready to drop the Xfer case & shafts in the next few days in preperation for swapping the tranny's so I fured this would be a good time to look into this. Get a manual linkage, hack a hole in the floor to mount the shifter & then bolt things up or what ? index=70and; Borg Warner 1356 Electric Shift Motor Repairs (for Explorers, parts/info is same/similar for Bronco, Ford Trucks) Source: by Jeff S at edu, cached version via @ more; Borg Warner 1356 Electric Shift to Manual Shift Swap in an 87 Source: by Joey SGL! I fure I'm gonna need to look at Explorer cases as well in order to find what I want and it will make my life a whole lot easier if I can find a manual Explorer case & just swap the input & tailshaft assemblies from the case I have now. That's an *awful* lot of weht to hang off the end of an AOD without supporting it.

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I have a 1995 ranger 4x4,5 speed manual,6cyl, 4.0L.

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If so I guess I have to grab those parts or do I have to just grab *parts* (like shifters & linkages) and make them work ? Does anyone know off the top of their heads just where the diffrences between electric & manual 1356's lie ? As I re the 205's have a sort of half-crossmember kinda mount that's offset to one side to bear the weht.

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