Stairville led par56 10mm black rgb manual

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LED fixtures have many advantages over “old fashioned” lanterns that make them attractive in stage lhting.

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It seem like every major stage lhting manufacturer has dived into the LED lhting fixture market while cheap imported lhts mean that even a small band or DJ can get a slice of the RGB colour mixing action.

Owner's <b>Manual</b> • PAR 56/64 10 MM <b>BLACK</b>/SILVER FLOOR <b>RGB</b>

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LED lhting for stage and theatrical use has never been so cheap to buy.

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The main forms are in a lhting batten, a long strip with an array of red, green and blue LEDs or in a compact array that produces a beam of lht, similar to a conventional PAR can or a Floodlht.

Stairville led par56 10mm black rgb manual:

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