Stairville led par56 10mm black rgb manual

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Hh Powered LED (Lht Emitting Diode) technology means that we can now use those funny little glowing things that used to live on the front of your television, in theatre shows, live music gs and corporate shows.

PAR 56 PAR 64 PAR à LED notice d'utilisation - Thomann

It seem like every major stage lhting manufacturer has dived into the LED lhting fixture market while cheap imported lhts mean that even a small band or DJ can get a slice of the RGB colour mixing action.

Test und Check zum <i>Stairville</i> <i>LED</i> PAR 56 DMX <i>RGB</i> HD - YouTube

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LED lhting for stage and theatrical use has never been so cheap to buy.

Test Showtec LED PAR 56 RGB - YouTube

LED fixtures have many advantages over “old fashioned” lanterns that make them attractive in stage lhting.

Stairville led par56 10mm black rgb manual:

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