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Marvel was always proud of their Iron Man comic franchise but as with most comic characters, only the readers had the whole scoop. Now these are household names, the movies are cinematic blockbusters and you cannot help but see Robert Downey, Jr. The films did more for the name than the four decades of comics prior, I enjoy them and think they cast Tony perfectly.

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To celebrate this trilogy of action packed films, Marvel and Insht Editions produced this That said, I am profoundly disappointed that no one saw fit to include anything from the comics. Not a single piece from any Iron Man comic is in this.

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There are very few reviews of the bike but overall ratings are good.

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Critique complète du livre : IRON MAN MANUALIRON MAN MANUAL complet review--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Plus d'information, des photos, liens : More information, pictures, links : Iron Man. Ten years ago these names weren’t nearly as well known as they are today.

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