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The truth, unfortunately, is that almost nobody bought either the droptop Four's predecessor (the 3 Series convertible) or Toyota's mid-size sedan with a stick, so their makers stopped making them. But it's also one more voice to the growing car-business argument that the manual transmission is going away for good. In September 1965, Playboy published an article by automotive-journalism legend Ken Purdy. Orinally offered with only a manual transmission, the archetypal hot hatch gained three additional letters—DSG—in 2006, for its fifth generation.

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That's almost as heartbreaking as when Toyota dropped the Camry's clutch pedal.

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That means the "take rate," an industry term for the portion of customers who select a particular option or confuration, dropped from 100 percent to 50.

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It was destined to become nothing more than "a purist's plaything."READ THIS: Three-Pedal Club: These cars only come with manuals Half a century later, Purdy's theory has been proven somewhat correct—most mainstream cars, like the Camry, don't offer a stick at all, and those that do sell in minuscule numbers. And because it made the GTI even quicker on the dash to 60 mph—and easier to drive fast on a track—people said it would be the final nail in the manual's coffin. GTI sales doubled, and half of the car's buyers still chose the clutch pedal.

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