Remington sleep progression clock manual


Market capitalization of IBM, Microsoft and Apple (top) and expressed as a percentage of the top 100 listed US tech companies (bottom). Boy/girl (aged 11-12 years) verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mean CAT score over the three tests; each stanine band is 0.5 standard deviations wide. Readers may recognize the structure of a nursery rhyme in the letter sequences. Data extracted from Mc Keithen et al Mc Keithen_81. Continuity&emdash; upper left plot is perceived as two curved lines; Closure&emdash; when the two perceived lines are joined at their end (upper rht), the perception changes to one of two cone-shaped objects; Symmetry and parallelism&emdash; where the direction taken by one line follows the same pattern of behavior as another line; Proximity&emdash; the horizontal distance between the dots in the lower left plot is less than the vertical distance, causing them to be perceptually ed into lines (the relative distances are reversed in the rht plot); Similarity&emdash; a variety of dimensions along which visual items can differ sufficiently to cause them to be perceived as being distinct; rotating two line segments by 180°ree; does not create as b a perceived difference as rotating them by 45°ree;; TODO look good. Examples of unique items among visually similar items. Number of feature developments started on a given work day (red bug fixes, blue non-bug work, black ratio of two values; 20 day rolling mean bottom left, 50 day top rht, 120 day bottom rht).

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Sequencing errors (as percentage) after interruptions of various length (red), including 95% confidence intervals, normal sequence error rate in green; lines are fitted model predictions. Semantic memory representation of alphabetic letters (the numbers listed along the top are place markers and are not stored in subject memory). Time taken to solve the same j-saw puzzle 35 times, followed by a two-week interval and then another 35 times, with power law and exponential fits. Lines of code correctly reed after a given number of 2 minute memorization sessions; upper plot actual program, lower plot line order scrambled. Percentage of reported problems having a given mean time to first problem occurrence (in months, summed over all installations of a product) for none products.


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Percentage of correct answers given by one subject, against boolean-complexity of category, colored by number of positive cases needed to define the category. The presence of any color term in a language implies the existence, in that language, of all terms below it. Number of commits containing a given number of lines of code made when making various categories of changes to the Linux filesystem code (upper) and a density plot of the same data (lower).

Enhanced Persistency of Resting and Active Periods of Locomotor

The Berlin and Kay Berlin_69 language color hierarchy. Developer estimated effort against actual effort (in hours), for various maintenance tasks, e.g., adaptive, corrective and perfective; upper as-is, middle jittered values and lower size proportional to the log of the number measurements. Graph of available state transitions for Alaris volumetric infusion pump (the button presses that cause transitions between states are not shown).

Remington sleep progression clock manual:

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