Black and decker alligator lopper instruction 'manual

Allator Garden Lopper LP1000 BLACK+DECKER

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<strong>Black</strong> & <strong>Decker</strong> Allator GK1000

Black & Decker Allator GK1000

So if your need to extend is from 0 - 100 feet for the Alllator Lopper, you are set.

The Practical Black and Decker Allator Lopper

See more There is data in the Black and Decker instruction manual. For extension cords between 51 to 100 feet, your extension cord needs to be mad from 16 ga. For most homeowners, your extension cords (not the cheapo cords you use for electric lamps or irons inside your house) are 16 ga.

Black and decker alligator lopper instruction 'manual:

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