2004 oldsmobile alero car manual

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Unless you are sed in this type of work and have the equipment necessary, you need to take the car to a qualified mechanic. my son borrowed my car and put in hi test gas( no need for that in my 2000 olds alero) had the same code.

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As long as the lhts not blinking there is no major problem-- hope this helps --best of luck old school -- i did not say " my manual said code po442 causes this problem" it did say changing brands ( which happen to be hi-test) mht make service engine lht come on-- i went to auto zone to get PO442 and it told me the usual things that po442 could be---gas cap vacuum leak,,, etc.

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Many here don't even go for the different brand idea (thinking it is all the same and just marketed different).

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Hope this helps clear up your answer Let me ask you to make it clearer, what code do you think would be set simply by changing brands?

2004 oldsmobile alero car manual:

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