Creative t12 bluetooth wireless speakers manual

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Smaller than their award winning cousins, the T20s, the T12s sit just 180mm hh, 71mm wide and 98mm deep.


While wireless power is becoming more prevalent for charging phones and such like, it hasn't quite reached the realms of speakers yet so you still have to connect these speakers to the mains, as well as the left speaker to the rht speaker, via old fashioned cable - there's no battery option either, in case you were wondering.

<em>Creative</em> <em>t12</em> <em>wireless</em> <em>speakers</em> <em>manual</em>

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In this modern dital age, it's no longer enough simply to have great sounding speakers, though, now they must be wireless!

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Duly Creative has obled, creating these, the Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Creative t12 bluetooth wireless speakers manual:

Rating: 89 / 100

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