Aqualisa quartz digital shower manual

Aqualisa Quartz Dital Remote Control Only QZD. B314 City.

As with all Aqualisa's dital products, the success of ilux will also depend in large part on the popularity of this technology with installers, who were the first to seize on the benefits of ease of installation and the radical shortening of installation time, compared to non-dital showers.

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The technology is not only applicable to showers this time around, but also to Dital will join Aqualisa's best-selling and award-winning Quartz and Axis systems in Aqualisa's dital range, demonstrating the same commitments to consumer-focused benefits, quality and flexibility.

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The shower controller is vertical with a rounded top and bottom.

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The ilux Dital shower system comes in two different confurations: exposed, where the system is installed onto the wall with the shower's datacable running through the product's riser bar and concealed, where the shower's datacable is hidden behind tiling, allowing the controller to be positioned according to individual preference.

Aqualisa quartz digital shower manual:

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