Panasonic pt-ae900u user manual

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Note: The unit doesn't know the iris is not working so it will not be optimally controlling the LCD.

Panasonic Pt- Ae900u Service Manual

Hoping to save people the trouble, I've posted it on my blog. It’s the one that has the 3 fancy ribbon cables connecting each LCD and rht over/inline with the lens system. On the front side of that board find a connector in the middle labeled "A23".

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*hh fives* If you have an AE900U that’s noisy most all the time then you probably have a faulty iris and your dynamic control is useless. Although you normally aren't supposed to yank on the wires to remove a connector this is typiy the safest way with this type of connector. So try to grab all the wires on that connector together then pull toward the front of the unit (inline with the wires as they leave the connector) to unplug it from the board. (6) Reassemble the unit in the reverse order, of course leaving the iris unplugged.

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Anyway, I couldn't find this doc and ended up having to pay for it on one of these PDF document sites.

Panasonic pt-ae900u user manual:

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