Sony wireless stereo headphones mdr-rf970r manual

Sony MDR-RF970RK Wireless Stereo Headphones

I don't know if this happens if he's not charging the headphones.

Sony MDR-RF970R Manual

What my dad does is1) watch his TV using his headphones2) plug his headphones in to charge overnht3) go to use his heaphones again in the morning but the green lht on the base unit is off.

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Sony Wireless Stereo Headphones MDR RF985RK Instruction

There is no issue with the audio quality or battery life of the headphones, just that he needs to switch off / switch on every time he wants to use them (after charging).

Wireless Stereo Headphone System - Sony

Untangle your mind and relax with crisp, personal audio without wires.

Sony wireless stereo headphones mdr-rf970r manual:

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