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Factor in unstable fuel prices and escalating disposal costs and you'll see that purchasing a Lanair MX Series Heater is indeed...


The MX-200 Waste Oil Heater is their second smallest unit pushing out up to 200,000 BTU's an hour.

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It features a fine grained galvanized (rust-resistant) cabinet to protect it in most shop environments, a hh performance MX series burner that burns more efficient than any other burners to date, an internal fan to reduce excess noise in your shop, adjustable locking louvers to direct air flow, and can be exhausted out the top, back, rht, or left.

Waste Oil Heaters / Furnaces Used Recycled Oil Heating Systems.

The MX-250 Waste Oil Heater is Lanair's second largest unit pushing out up to 250,000 BTU's an hour.

Lanair waste oil heater manual:

Rating: 95 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates