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Air Lift 1000 air springs provide up to 1000 pounds of leveling capacity*.

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Air Lift adjustable air springs work with your existing suspension to give your vehicle more leveling support when you need it, so your vehicle is always level and stable.

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This results in: Improved braking and steering: when all four tires are firmly on the ground, braking time and steering are both improved Less sway: Air springs increase spring rate and vastly improve vehicle stability Less bottoming out: Air springs provide adjustable load support to help prevent bottoming out on rough roads Headlht aim: Only level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlht aiming Less porpoising: Even vehicles which don’t squat when loaded can begin to “porpoise” vertiy when towing heavy trailers.

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Air Lift 1000 air spring kits fit popular coil sprung vehicles, including SUVs, CUVs, vans, cars, motorhomes and some 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton pickups.

Yukon manual download workshop gmc 2001:

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