Ge spacemaker washer dryer repair manual

Ge Spacemaker Washer Repair Manual -

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Spin" Today when I washed two pairs of jeans in small load, it stopped at the Spin cycle, the word Spin is red, and had this "hum... I turned it to "stop", I opened the lid, the dirty water was sitting in there. I then heard water being pumping out (normal as usual), and water coming in as usual, then the Rinse sound was normal too, but when suppose to be Spin, I didn't here water going out (water should be out then the loud spin would begin). There was this sound, humm...sometimes a squeaking. Prior to today, during Spin, I felt it was very loud, louder than a different brand at my parents' house. How are the GE washers made in the late 90's or early 2000's?

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I don't have much budget, but I don't want to repair something then later something else....I would rather buy a new portable one.

Ge Spacemaker Washer Repair Manual

I set it to extra small load (just in case water doesn't get out I won't have a b spill, and set to delicate instead of regular soil to be gentle). Their parts are expensive and their engineering fairly poor, both of which make for difficult repair work. The content on this web site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace an on-site diagnosis from a qualified appliance service cian.

Ge spacemaker washer dryer repair manual:

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