Rock shox pro deluxe service manual

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#f*ckspecialized I hate the command post simply because it uses that side mounted side bolt saddle clamp, its the same desn they used on their fixed seatposts i've had these slip too many times under an impact and will never buy another seatpost that uses that desn @headshot @christillott I had the black 2014 one on my old trance, and aside from the normal 'slop' after a few months, it remained reliable as hell for a good year or so, but then the grit got in eventually.

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Managed to get a fresh one under warranty though, impeccable service and great value I recon. I appreciate the to-the-point reviews with pros and cons - no bullshit.

Contatti/Contacts Giovanni Tardino – flute

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All sorted now though Just glad that someone finally posted that Reverbs aren't that reliable. Had a first-gen Giant post that came with my previous bike. And then the grit got to it, and it destroyed itself.

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Quite an important thing if it fits your frame or not Only post where it's mentioned is a company i that I will never even give 1 cent.

Rock shox pro deluxe service manual:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates