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New Features in DP 7 -

It appears that DP7 will go down in DP history as the largest manual ever printed for Dital Performer. You'll want to be sure to copy this guide to your i Pad if you choose to copy the main User Guide similarly.

New Features in Dital <strong>Performer</strong> 6.03 -

Dital Performer User Guide - Tufts

I'm devoting a thread to it, which will make it easier to find for future reference. The first and largest change is, of course, the addition of PDF manuals, available via the Help menus.

New Features in Dital Performer 6.03 -

No longer are you dependent on the to find what you're looking for (although the Contents and Index have always been excellent references, some words simply manage to slide through without being indexed).

Motu digital performer manual download:

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