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This instrument, the osteotome, had links of a chain carrying small cutting teeth with the edges set at an angle; the chain was moved around a guiding blade by turning the handle of a sprocket wheel. The prototype of the chain saw familiar today in the timber industry was pioneered in the late 18th century by two Scottish doctors, John Aitken and James Jeffray, for symphysiotomy and excision of diseased bone respectively.

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The chain hand saw, a fine serrated link chain which cut on the concave side, was invented around 1783-1785. In this communication he translated Moreau's paper of 1803.

Chain Saw Instruction <strong>Manual</strong> MODEL CS-400 - Home Depot

Chain Saw Instruction Manual MODEL CS-400 - Home Depot

Chainsaws with specially desned bar and chain combinations have been developed as tools for use in chainsaw art and chainsaw mills.

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It is used in activities such as tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression and harvesting of firewood.

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