Wheel horse 110-4 manual

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If you live in the sticks, you want something that’s ultra-cheap, ultra-frugal and ultra-unfashionable. We put three costing less than £15,000 to the test.

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With no frills or luxury touches as standard, its Duster SUV was a basic, budget package for drivers who didn’t care that their dashboard looked as though it had been desned in the mid-1990s, or that the engine seemed to have been made for a tractor. Facing little competition, Dacia has sold more than 16,000 cars this year alone, attracting buyers who don’t care about image.

Indonesia facts, information, pictures

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TRUE LANDED gentry don’t wear Hunter boots, red trousers and tweed jackets.

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They wear black wellies from Millets, a pair of old corduroys, an M&S jumper with holes in the elbows and a 10-year-old Barbour that smells of labrador.

Wheel horse 110-4 manual:

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