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The twin-skin flue extension is used in conjunction with the flue adaptor to connect between the flue spot on the top of the Braemar WF30/40 and the bottom of the existing flue system to allow the WF30/40 to be installed at the correct heht for some replacement installations, and to enable the use of the existing flue system (If the heater is replacing an existing unit it must be confirmed that the flue system complies with current requirements of AS/NZS5601 “Gas installations”).


As for the metal sheet I'm sorry I can't help with that as we never had that issue.

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I'm sorry l have no idea why it is doing this. Typiy the onus would be on you to get any patching done after installation and you could still choose to do this and remove the plate.

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I knew it was odd, but there are 2 tradesmen verses myself. Will need to seek help from somewhere to deal with this. I assume the metal plate is to cover an opening left by the the new heater being smaller than the one that got removed.

Vulcan quasar wall furnace installation manual:

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