Manual wheelchair up and down stairs

VARDAAN A Convertible Manual Stair Climbing Wheelchair

The wheelchair always keeps a horizontal status when going up and down the stairs, and the trailing wheel always touches the land, but the front wheel is in air.

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The motion trail is centered on the tops of the steps of the staircase and reaches the vertex of the circular arc which is drawn with the radius of the trailing wheel as the radius and motion of a sidestep is completed when the trailing wheel of a wheelchair touches the vertical surface of the previous step length of the straht line of which is determined by the width of the steps.

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the Americans with Disabilities Act recognizes this to such an extent that accessibility ramps are required for businesses by law.

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An up-and-down stair device is arranged on each side of the frame the two up-and-down stair devices are transmitted through the connection of the transmission shaft.

Manual wheelchair up and down stairs:

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