Hp laserjet 4l series printer service manual

HP LaserJet 4L/4ML and 4P/4MP

The Laser Jet 4, especially the 4/4M/4 /4M models, have become known for their durability, mainly due to their reliable construction, as well as the printers built-in PCL (and optional Post Script) printer language support which is still used in computers to this day.

HP LaserJet 4L - 4P Service Manual Free Download

The HP Laser Jet 4 (abbreviated sometimes to LJ4 or HP4) is a of monochrome laser printers produced in the early to mid-1990s as part of the Laser Jet series by Hewlett Packard (HP).

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Hewlett Packard also released an upgraded version of the Laser Jet 4/4M known as the 4 Plus ('4 ')/4M Plus ('4M ').

HP LaserJet 4 Plus

There are also Post Script variants of these machines with the '4M' desnation, where M stands for, but is not limited to, usage with an Apple Macintosh.

Hp laserjet 4l series printer service manual:

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