Sky-watcher flextube dobsonian manual

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The mount is desned to be driven by hand as opposed to slow motion controls.

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Fast and easy to set up, the Dobsonian mount consists of a box-type mounting which allows the telescope to pivot in altitude, while the box itself is rotated on a base in azimuth.

<em>Sky-Watcher</em>'s <em>Dobsonian</em> evolution - APM Telescopes

Sky-Watcher's Dobsonian evolution - APM Telescopes

The Dobsonian mount, popularized by John Dobson in the 1970.s, is a simple and efficient method of mounting a Newtonian reflector, based on the Alt-Azimuth principal.

Skywatcher 12" GOTO andTracking Flextube Dobsonian.

The secret of the desn is to correctly balance the optical tube and use frictional materials which allow it to be moved easily when nudged but to stay in position when not.

Sky-watcher flextube dobsonian manual:

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