Hp pavilion dv6t service manual

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It freezes at the hp logo screen, can't access bios, can't boot to safe mode, can't do any of the supposed diagnostics built in to this laptop.

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They can't even find the correct service manual for this model.

HP <b>Pavilion</b> dv6 - Upgrading RAM and Hard Drive? - HP - Notebooks.

HP Pavilion dv6 - Upgrading RAM and Hard Drive? - HP - Notebooks.

I do not want to use the manual for the ze5200 anymore. No problem at all to get them apart and replace parts. I have the feeling that the previous owner left this laptop on a bed or couch and it overheated and damaged the CPU and or motherboard. I did not bother to replace the rubber stopper after taking it out. Well, It doesn't look as though this subject has generated much interest, but I'm going ahead and finish up what I started. When I removed the 4 screws that hold the processor heat sink in place it did not come off rht away.

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As far as I know this is a 2.8 ghz celeron with 256 mb of pc333 ram. So I pried against it carefully and it came out, along with the processor!

Hp pavilion dv6t service manual:

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