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ANYONE WHO DOESN' T HEED THIS WARNING WILL BE BANNED WITHOUT QUESTION! Narrowing down the conflicting codes took a pretty long time.

WWF No Mercy - Hardcore Gaming 101

THIS THREAD IS FOR SHOWDOWN 64 DISCUSSION ONLY, THIS IS NOT A PROJECT 64 TROUBLESHOOTING THREAD! In order to fix this glitch, delete the cheat code named "Showdown 64\Interface\Select Screen\Portrait Size and Placement" from your cheat menu.

<em>WWF</em> No <em>Mercy</em> - Hardcore Gaming 101

WWF No Mercy - The Cutting Room Floor

In order to fix your version of the save, either disable or delete the following cheat codes: Showdown 64\Arenas\Promotion 1\0009 - COLISEO ARENA\Ring & Ring Area\No Ring Steps\1Showdown 64\Arenas\Promotion 2\0006 - CLASSIC ARENA\Ring & Ring Area\No Ring Steps\1Showdown 64\Arenas\Promotion 2\0008 - NJPW DOMINION\Ring & Ring Ring Area\No Ring Steps\1Showdown 64\Arenas\Promotion 2\0009 - NJPW CLASSIC\Ring & Ring Area\No Ring Steps\1Showdown 64\Wrestling Match Types\01: Match Types\15: Deathmatch\Remove Steps Collision and Graphics Make sure that all of the Showdown 64 cheats are checked in the cheat menu and that nothing else is checked.

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IF YOU CAN NOT GET YOUR EMULATOR TO RUN THE MOD, THIS IS NOT THE THREAD TO ASK FOR HELP! Next add the following two new codes: Showdown 64\Interface\Select Screen\Portrait Size and Placement\Part 1D1045844 001A81106E44 3F98D1045844 001A81106E44 3F98D1045844 001A812BE920 BE00D1045844 001A812BEAB8 BE00D1045844 001A812BEC50 BE00D1045844 001A812BF008 BE00D1045844 001A812BF1A0 BE00D1045844 001A812BF338 BE00D1045844 001A812BE898 C1DFD1045844 001A812BEA30 C1DFD1045844 001A812BEBC8 C1DFD1045844 001A812BEF80 C1DFD1045844 001A812BF118 C1DFD1045844 001A812BF2B0 C1DFD1045844 001A812BE810 C260D1045844 001A812BE9A8 C260D1045844 001A812BEB40 C260D1045844 001A812BEEF8 C260D1045844 001A812BF090 C260D1045844 001A812BF228 C260D1045844 001A812BE924 C1FFD1045844 001A812BE89C C1FFD1045844 001A812BE814 C1FFD1045844 001A812BEEFC C1FFD1045844 001A812BEF84 C1FFD1045844 001A812BF00C C1FFD1045844 001A812BE9AC C080D1045844 001A812BEA34 C080D1045844 001A812BEABC C080D1045844 001A812BF094 C080D1045844 001A812BF11C C080D1045844 001A812BF1A4 C080D1045844 001A812BEB44 41C0D1045844 001A812BEBCC 41C0D1045844 001A812BEC54 41C0D1045844 001A812BF22C 41C0D1045844 001A812BF2B4 41C0D1045844 001A812BF33C 41C0Showdown 64\Interface\Select Screen\Portrait Size and Placement\Part 2D1045844 001B81106E44 3F98D1045844 001B81106E44 3F98D1045844 001B812BE920 BE00D1045844 001B812BEAB8 BE00D1045844 001B812BEC50 BE00D1045844 001B812BF008 BE00D1045844 001B812BF1A0 BE00D1045844 001B812BF338 BE00D1045844 001B812BE898 C1DFD1045844 001B812BEA30 C1DFD1045844 001B812BEBC8 C1DFD1045844 001B812BEF80 C1DFD1045844 001B812BF118 C1DFD1045844 001B812BF2B0 C1DFD1045844 001B812BE810 C260D1045844 001B812BE9A8 C260D1045844 001B812BEB40 C260D1045844 001B812BEEF8 C260D1045844 001B812BF090 C260D1045844 001B812BF228 C260D1045844 001B812BE924 C1FFD1045844 001B812BE89C C1FFD1045844 001B812BE814 C1FFD1045844 001B812BEEFC C1FFD1045844 001B812BEF84 C1FFD1045844 001B812BF00C C1FFD1045844 001B812BE9AC C080D1045844 001B812BEA34 C080D1045844 001B812BEABC C080D1045844 001B812BF094 C080D1045844 001B812BF11C C080D1045844 001B812BF1A4 C080D1045844 001B812BEB44 41C0D1045844 001B812BEBCC 41C0D1045844 001B812BEC54 41C0D1045844 001B812BF22C 41C0D1045844 001B812BF2B4 41C0D1045844 001B812BF33C 41C01/18/17I think that I was finally able to find out the cause of most of the freezing issues.

Wwf no mercy game manual:

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