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and 1.7.- Make sure you double check your directory paths if the textures do not appear.- If that doesn't work, make sure you have run Project 64 as an administrator. Click me to view an Imgur album of my emulator settings.1/8/17Some of the codes previously used for the wrestler select screen cause a glitch that sometimes teleports wrestlers upwards while they are outside of the ring.

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THIS THREAD IS FOR SHOWDOWN 64 DISCUSSION ONLY, THIS IS NOT A PROJECT 64 TROUBLESHOOTING THREAD! In order to fix this glitch, delete the cheat code named "Showdown 64\Interface\Select Screen\Portrait Size and Placement" from your cheat menu.

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The reason why the freezing was so difficult to fix was that a few different codes contained the lines that would cause the freeze.

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In order to fix your version of the save, either disable or delete the following cheat codes: Showdown 64\Arenas\Promotion 1\0009 - COLISEO ARENA\Ring & Ring Area\No Ring Steps\1Showdown 64\Arenas\Promotion 2\0006 - CLASSIC ARENA\Ring & Ring Area\No Ring Steps\1Showdown 64\Arenas\Promotion 2\0008 - NJPW DOMINION\Ring & Ring Ring Area\No Ring Steps\1Showdown 64\Arenas\Promotion 2\0009 - NJPW CLASSIC\Ring & Ring Area\No Ring Steps\1Showdown 64\Wrestling Match Types\01: Match Types\15: Deathmatch\Remove Steps Collision and Graphics Make sure that all of the Showdown 64 cheats are checked in the cheat menu and that nothing else is checked.

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