Ge weather station ge5805ws6 manual

Ge Weather Station Ge5805ws6 Instructions

To set for daylht savings time ("DST" on the watch), after holding the "Set" button and having the time zone flash, you could press the "Mode" button.

Ge weather station wireless thermometer ge5805ws6 manual

I couldn't find the instructions for your watch but as watches tend to have similar operating characteristics, try this:-Press the mode button until you come to a message that says something like "12hr" or "24hr" or something that indicates display change. To change from 24 hour to 12 hour, you hold down the "Mode" button until it switches from 24 hour to 12 hour or vice versa.

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Then press one of the two buttons on the rht to change to the display you require. To change the time zone, you hold down the "Set" button until the time zone that you set it in flashes (like "LAX" on my watch).

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If you manually want to change the time, you could hold down the "Set" button and keep pressing the "Mode" button until the time starts flashing on your watch, then pressing the "Receive/Start/Stop" button until you change it to the time that you want.

Ge weather station ge5805ws6 manual:

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