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How to Clean AC Evaporator Coils - Foaming

Soliel protests that it did everything that it was required to do in redacting its identity (and that of its subcontractor) from its proposal, including not naming itself or its subcontractor, and removing any identifying information (for example, company logos, addresses or employee names) that comprised the offering team.

How to Clean AC Evaporator Coils - Foaming


Soliel therefore argues that the agency unreasonably rejected its proposal. In reviewing protests challenging an agencys evaluation of proposals, our Office does not reevaluate proposals or substitute our judgment for that of the agency; rather, we review the record to determine whether the agencys evaluation was reasonable and consistent with the solicitations evaluation criteria, as well as applicable statutes and regulations. Here, as noted, the RFP required offerors to redact any information from their proposals that would reveal the identity of the offeror.

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Midea air conditioner service manual pdf:

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